That is the question that every man must answer for himself…


Are you a Manly Man?

Manly Man

My BC (Before Christ) years I like to call them I had to be the MANLY MAN. Fighting at the drop of the hat. Showing no emotion but anger. I had to out drink, out drug and OUT DO everyone! But is that really what a Manly Man is? Now I know the answer is no.

A Manly Man believes in God!!


My life changed the day I found the Lord! Some say I did a 180 that day. I learned what it REALLY meant to be a Man. It wasn’t money, girls, power, drugs or so many other things that I equated to being a man. Thank you Lord for opening my eyes. I have a life verse Romans 8:1 “There is therefore now NO condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”

I now have a new set of learning tools “the Word” to teach me how to be a man!

Manly Man has friends!

Friends Fishing

A Manly Man has friends! He likes to fishing, bowling or any manner of things with friends and does not have to be the center of attention. He is there for his friends when they are struggling and has someone to call when he is struggling. A Manly Man has a Mentor, someone who he looks to for guidance, and is not afraid to share his “STUFF” with his mentor!  A Manly Man shows emotion!

A Manly Man is a Loving Husband


I used to think to be a Manly Man you had to “conquer” has many women as possible, again BC! Now I know a Manly Man has eyes for his wife and her alone. A manly Man LOVES! Now get this guys: A Manly Man shares his EMOTIONS with his wife!! What??? Who knew how much that goes into a marriage!  A Manly Man shows his affection!! The list goes on forever!! I LOVE you Morgan!!

A Manly Man is a Father!!


 A Manly Man Loves his children even if they are not his!! I love to hear the young men and women I mentor say Mr. Glenn look at this or Papa Glenn I just called to tell you I graduated! A Manly Man teaches. I enjoy hearing one of  the many kids I mentor say “could you show me how to…” A Manly Man shares his wisdom. Hopefully you can help them not go down the same path and make the same mistakes as you did!! A manly Man steps in the gap when he sees the need.

This is the first of many blogs about “Being a Man”. I kind of stole the format from my beautiful wife who is an amazing writer!

Her Blog is amazing!

The Dream Campaign is our nonprofit where we work with at-risk youth and there families!

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On Mondays I have The Man Cave Bible Study 7pm at the House of Dreams

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